Photo Name and Designation Department Research Area
Dr. Shahida Rafique Dr. Shahida Rafique Chairman & Professor administration Communication Engineering, High Speed LAN/WAN, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Solar Materials & Renewable Energy Technology. View Details
Dr. Saleh Mohammad Rafique Dr. Saleh Mohammad Rafique Director administration Environmental and Occupational Health, Safe Blood Transfusion, Communicable Diseases, Health Care Management View Details
Dr. Md. Yunus Miah Dr. Md. Yunus Miah Deputy Director/Vice Principle diploma View Details
Md. Abdul Mazid Md. Abdul Mazid Associate Professor, Deputy Director & Head of the Department of CSE cse Partial Differential Equation, Applications of Numerical Analysis View Details
Runa Rukshana Khan Runa Rukshana Khan Associate Professor & Head of the Department of ECE ece Sustainable Renewable Energy View Details
S. M. Ziaul Hasan S. M. Ziaul Hasan Associate Professor & Head, Department of Business Administration bba View Details
Muhammad Ashfaqur Rahman Muhammad Ashfaqur Rahman Associate Professor bba View Details
Mahmuda Rahman Mahmuda Rahman Assistant Professor bba Banking & Investment Program View Details
Nafia Laila Nafia Laila Assistant Professor bba View Details
Nusrat Ferdous Nusrat Ferdous Assistant Professor ece Compound semiconductor material and devices , Micro Electro Mechanical Systems and Sensors , Nano-electronics , Nano-photonics and Optics , Optoelectronics and Quantum Electronics , Applied Electromag View Details
Saleh Muhammad Maruf Saleh Muhammad Maruf Assistant Professor cse Internet Security, Data Mining, Software Architecture. View Details
DITEE YASMEEN DITEE YASMEEN Assistant Professor cse Computer and Mobile Networks and Security establishment. View Details
Galib Hashmi Galib Hashmi Assistant Professor ece Communication Engineering, Renewable Energy View Details
Mahedi Hasan Mahedi Hasan Lecturer bba To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service activities , customer satisfaction, management strategies, and marketing policies of an organization. View Details
TANIA SULTANA TANIA SULTANA Faculty Member cse Image processing, Network security, Wireless network, Data Mining View Details
Mohammad Ali Mohammad Ali Faculty Member ece To Study and Implementation of a Magnetic Power Supply System for Small Scale Applications View Details
Sanjida Hoque Shoshey Sanjida Hoque Shoshey Faculty Member cse Cryptography & Network Security, Data Structure & Algorithm Design View Details
Lutfi Habiba Lutfi Habiba Faculty Member cse View Details
Abu Hena Md. Mustafa Kamal Abu Hena Md. Mustafa Kamal Faculty Member ece Single Electron Transistor (SET), Ultrasonic estimation and imaging of the elastic properties of tissues. View Details
K. M. Muntasir Billah Munna K. M. Muntasir Billah Munna Faculty Member cse Algorithm Design
Data Structure
Online Judging System
View Details
Md. Rakib Hossain Md. Rakib Hossain Faculty Member ece Computer Network
Network Security
Embedded System
View Details
Md. Sarwar Hossain Md. Sarwar Hossain Faculty Member bba View Details
SHAFIQUL ISLAM SHAFIQUL ISLAM Senior Instructor (Electrical) diploma View Details
Jahirul Kader Jahirul Kader Senior Instructor diploma View Details
Jannatul Fardous Jannatul Fardous Instructor diploma View Details
Nurul Amin Nurul Amin Instructor & Coordinator diploma View Details
Mst Salma Begum Mst Salma Begum Principal Librarian others N/A View Details
A.S.M. Rashidul Hasan A.S.M. Rashidul Hasan Chief administrative officer administration N/A View Details
Md. Mahfuzul Islam Md. Mahfuzul Islam Accounts Officer others N/A View Details
MD. ABUL BASHAR MD. ABUL BASHAR Senior Office Assistant others N/A View Details